Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Secrets That Women Keep

Some bachelorette parties aren't virtuous at all. In fact, it's best to keep some a secret, especially the ones that involve me doing something amoral to one of the girls. I know that I'd hate to be the boyfriend, fiance, or husband of some of these girls. I'm not proud of these moments, but that doesn't mean I won't tell.

I had my second threesome at a bachelorette party in the summer of 2004. A blond girl hired me for her best friend who was the bachelorette. The blonde was engaged. The bachelorette was getting married in a few days. The party took place in a house in the country. I had a threesome with both girls.

It wasn't planned.

There were only six girls at this party, including the blonde and bachelorette. All of them ranged from pretty to beautiful.

Everyone drank a lot, beyond tipsy. I drank a bit too, but was only buzzed. I needed a drink this night especially, because these girls were wild. They already ripped my thong off. They took baby oil and lathered my whole body with it.

Then, the night became surreal.

One girl asked if she could rub my cock with the baby oil. I told her that she could. The next thing I knew, every girl there was taking turns massaging my cock in baby oil. I felt so detached at that moment that it was a miracle that I stayed hard. I felt like I was watching a movie rather than participating in it.

As I was dancing naked in front of the bachelorette, she grabbed my cock and gently pulled me closer. "This may be the alcohol talking," she said, "but I wanna fuck you."

I didn't reply, just stared.

Her friends interrupted the silence, saying that they wanted a turn. I went over to the blonde who hired me. She wore a pair of very short jeans shorts. I laid her spread-eagle on the couch, my hands grasping her ankles. She didn't have long legs, but they were tanned and firm. I rubbed my hard cock against her crotch.

"Mmmm, you're such a tease," the blonde moaned.

I continued thrusting.

"Stop teasing me..."


"Because you're not going to do me," she said.

I stopped, excited, hoping. "You want me to do you?"

The blonde paused. "Yes..."

She said this in front of the other girls. Everyone was quiet, listening, until the bachelorette interrupted, "I wanna join!"

The blonde and I looked at the bachelorette. "Okay," I said. "Let's do this. Got a bed we can use?"

"Are you serious?" the bachelorette asked.

"Sure," I said. Then, I asked the blonde, "You wanna do this?"


So the blonde, bachelorette, and I went into the nearby bedroom. I grabbed my condoms from my clothes on the way. The other four girls waited outside in disbelief.

The blonde and bachelorette focused on me. This threesome wasn't like those in porno movies where the girls act like they're into each other. These girls avoided each other like the plague. This became obvious when the blonde accidentally placed her hand on the bachelorette and started caressing her.

"Um, you're touching me," the bachelorette said to her friend.


I had about ten minutes of pure enjoyment until I heard a cell phone ring from outside the door. I heard one of the girls answer. Then, she knocked on the door to the bedroom.

The bachelorette stopped sucking my cock and lifted her head. "What?" she said, annoyed.

"Hey, it's your soon-to-be husband," the girl said.

"Oh God," the bachelorette said in an undertone. "Tell him I'm in then bathroom!"

"Okay," the girl replied. She lied to the man on the phone about what the bachelorette was doing. A brief pause. "He said he's on his way here now."

"That motherfucker!" the bachelorette yelled. "Shit! I was beginning to have fun too!"

The blonde swore and got up to get dressed. She told me that her fiance was the bachelor's best man and she didn't want to get caught. I got dressed, because I didn't want to get shot. The other girls helped me gather my belongings. After that, they began cleaning up the house.

Only the blonde followed me out to my car. She asked for my phone number before I left.

When I got home, I realized that in my haste I left over fifty dollars at that party. On top of that, the blonde never called me. I guess she felt guilty about what she did the next day. She was engaged.

Like I said earlier, I wasn't proud of this moment. Looking back, I would've done things different. Yet this is one of those moments that few men ever witness. I'm sure that those men who were involved with those girls never knew about the real story of that bachelorette party.


  1. A good read as always-- I was getting a little suspicious that this was something from Penthouse forum until the boyfriend called! I'm amazed how much wilder your average party is than any bachelor party I've been to!

  2. Hehe, a good story.. What people will do for love and money.. You write well! Just wanted to say thanks for reading and commenting at my blog too :o)

  3. Do you have any pics from that party ?

    Too bad you didn´t get to give those lucky girls your cum !

  4. @Ellen: No pics from that party. They took a lot too. I should have contacted the girl who hired me and asked for some, but too late now. I did this party over 6 years ago.

    @Ronin: I wouldn't call this an average party. :) This was well above average!

    @Immodesty Blaze: Thanks. You too as well.

  5. Wish I could have joined in the fun ! I attended my sisters bachelorette party and we had about 30 minutes of fun private time with the stripper. Yummy !

    Here is a pic : Bachelorette Party Pics

  6. I read your other thread about how you don't intentionally try to screw with their girlfriends/wives/crushes. Just out of curiosity,if you knew she wasabout to get married then why did you go along with it anyway if you don't try to intentionally hook up with them? I mean this girl was getting married,you knew it,and yet you let her cheat,dude wtf?

  7. Here was the situation:
    I was 22, single, and horny. Two girls came onto me. So I did it.

    Reigning in their infidelity was not part of my job. Would I do it now? Hell no! All things considered, this girl should not have been getting married in the first place.

  8. Oh ok, so im guessing you set some rules after the amount of infidelity you see on a daily at these parties you go to and more specifically this party as well and didn't wanna end up seeing these girls cheat on there boyfriends who get pissed at you or them and some fights might break out or worse?

    You do have a point,if I was single and 2 girls came onto me id probably take it as well but I would probably hate myself later for it. Why? I guess its a moral thing,sleeping with another guys girl or doing anything sexual with them without them knowing kinda...i dunno,its like a stab in the back to him cause he will probably never know.
    Have you ever regreted sleeping with any girls that you knew were getting married soon or had boyfriends? You know...kinda out of pity/or feeling bad knowing that he is about to marry this cheater/cumdumpster?

  9. Do you mind if I post this as the next question? You address some very good issues here.

  10. Sure, I don't mind. I think you may have gotten an email from me. primaryemu@gmail.com was the email.

  11. This made me rage so fucking hard.

    As a guy that is.

    Really. What the fucking fuck is wrong with these ... GOD FUCKING DAMMIT I CAN'T EVEN MAKE WORDS OUT OF THIS TO TELL WHAT I FEEL.

    You did good, champ, Author dude because at least you felt guilt from it all but for the love of Christ what the hell happens at these fucking parties?! .... man I and my girlfriend sure as hell ain't gonna have some Bachelor party regardless of trust...

  12. I wouldn't recommend bachelor/bachelorette parties either, especially seeing what I have seen. Also, with bachelorette parties, I'd be more worried about the girls getting drunk and hitting the clubs afterwards. That's where the hook-ups are more likely to take place.

    I'd like to note that not all bachelorette parties are bad.

  13. Have you been threatened by boyfriends, husbands, or fiances?

  14. FAAAAAAKE. americans suck so bad