Male Stripper Stories

My name is Dion, and I am a male stripper.

Imagine going to a club full of women and being the only man there in the spotlight. On top of that, you're getting paid to be there with all of those women. That's kind of how my job is.

Since 2003, I have stripped at hundreds of parties, for thousands of women, from rural house parties in Alabama to the bustling clubs in Ireland. Dancing in the spotlight has brought me more opportunities than I thought possible. I have found myself in decadent situations that I could only fantasize about as a teenager. This job has thrown me into awkward situations with relationships as well.

Sometimes I wonder if I dreamt this whole experience. It seems surreal. That’s why I’m sharing my stories with you, both the good and the bad, of the life of a male stripper.

Random Stripper Stories:

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Teaching in Japan - July 2005 - December 2006:

Eishiro: The Dirty Old Man

Stripping for Japanese College Students

Lost in Translation - Japan 2005

Stories From Readers

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